Friday, July 23, 2010

Beware the nudie police!

Me (on the way to school this morning): Look Hayden! That police man pulled someone over.

Hayden: Oh yeah! I bet he's getting a ticket. He must have been speeding. *long pause* ....or getting naked!

That's my boy!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mom really does know best!

Mompreneurs are my new favourite people! When I don't know what to buy someone or I need something out of the ordinary, a mompreneur has helped me out every time! Recently I've worked with three different mompreneurs who have blown me out of the water with their products and service! I need to rave about them here and encourage my dear readers to try them too!

My first satisfying mom-based purchase was from Debby of Otter Babies. Debby makes cloth diapers that are unrivaled for their ingenious design and super cute patterns. Otter Blotters are my new favourite cloth diapers! I'd totally switch our stash over completely if I had the cash. If you cloth diaper your kids, or are looking into it, check out her diapers for sure! They have a hidden velcro closure that allows for fast diaper changes without the annoyance of diaper chains in the laundry. Plus the inserts dry quickly, absorb a ton, and you can customize them however you want!

When Debby's latest design didn't fit my needs perfectly, she paid to have the cover sent back, repaired it, and then she returned the cover to me with another FREE cover for my troubles! You can't beat that kind of personal service!
Fliss in one of her Otter Blotters!

Michelle from GEM Cloths is my next favourite super mompreneur. Michelle makes reusable feminine mama cloth menstrual pads. The thought of mama cloth turned me off at first, but I soon realized that it was really no different than cloth diapering. Plus I could benefit from the same chemical-free comfort that Fliss enjoys! I was leery to spend all sorts of money on pads that might not work for me, when some friends pointed me Michelle's way.

For $35, Michelle made me what she calls a "grab bag." It contained pretty much all the mama cloth I'll need for a cycle. And hello! They are gorgeous and so super soft!! I was actually looking forward to my monthly so I could try them out! I can tell you that I didn't have one leak, one shift, and no "diaper rash" like I get from regular menstrual products. I highly recommend all women try these wonderful alternatives! Michelle is wonderful to work with and helped this mama cloth newbie to know exactly what I was looking for, how many, and how to care for them. Plus she's a super nice lady to boot!

A few of the gorgeous mama cloths from my grab bag!

My third momprenuer superstar is one that is local to me. Kristen, of Eaton Family EcoBabies helped me to make the jump to be an exclusively cloth diapering family. Through her free diaper workshop (which I recommend to anyone who wants to cloth diaper or who has started but wants to learn more), I got the complete low down on just how diverse the cloth diaper industry is! She helped to demystify washing routines, options (like prefolds - though I still suck at them), and helped me to understand the pros and cons of different fabrics available. Kristen has an AWESOME loaner program as well, that we plan to use for our next bundle of joy (before baby can fit into our stash)!

Kristen is the guru of more than just diapers though. She
is pretty much responsible for helping this crunchy mama to be even more earth friendly. She sold me my first Diva Cup, child ear protection (for Hayden's super sensitive ears - seriously, these are amazing!), teething amber, all natural sunscreen, and so much more. Adam has actually implemented an EcoBabies budget because I always find something I love while I'm there!
Hayden wearing his Baby Banz ear protectors at the Canada Day parade!

So the next time you're struggling with a unique gift, or looking for something different for yourself, I urge you to drive past the Walmarts and Home Depots of the world. Search out the little guys who can give you phenomenal customer service without ever having to leave your house! And if you do decide to buy from any of
the fabulous ladies above, tell them Lucy sent you!