Friday, March 21, 2008

Kicken' it!

Last Saturday, I took my sister out for her birthday with my cousin who was visiting from Ottawa. We went to an amazing country bar in Kitchener and had a blast (they even has a mechanical bull that I dearly wanted to sling myself onto but sanity put it's foot down).

I haven't been out dancing since before Hayden was born (that's over two years for those of you keeping count). A funny thing seems to have happened in that time: I have lost the need to drink before getting my groove thang on. I'm not sure whether this stems from no longer caring what people think or from an overwhelming need to dance that didn't allow me to stop and booze first...Whatever the case, I two-stepped from the moment we got there to when we left (around 2:00 - not bad for a bunch of 30-somethings). It was such a release (and a workout) and I had an absolute blast! We've all vowed to do it again soon - and not wait two years to do it! Thanks Ang and Jos! You were great pardners in country!

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