Friday, March 6, 2009

The pregnancy log - first entry

As promised, here is the first entry of my pregnancy log that I've been keeping while on hiatus. It's kind of funny to look back on this and realize that over a month has passed already!

February 2, 2009
Well, my optimism and niggles were wrong back in December. If there was a little life in me, it didn’t survive the four week mark. My cycle came a few days late and with a few tears.

We’ve never had to try to have a baby before. With Hayden, it just happened. Having to wait has made me want this baby all the more. It also made me more compassionate and empathetic for those couples who have to try for months and years to make their baby dreams come true.

With renewed ambition, we upped our baby making efforts after Christmas. Without charting and temping, it was the only way to know we’d catch that egg at the right time. I anxiously waited for the days I could test. I think I started with the dollar store sticks around 10 days past ovulation (DPO). Every day I would wake and test and stare at the stick, just willing a second line to appear.

As the day of my anticipated cycle end drew closer, I became less and less optimistic about our chances. I had NO symptoms, no feelings or niggles, and I just felt sure that we hadn’t been successful because of a three day abstinence during my most fertile time.

On January 15, at about 14 DPO, I got a very faint second line – almost a shadow. I posted it on my pregnancy support forum for the girls to analyze and they were split 50/50 on whether it was an evaporation line or a real positive.

On January 16, I tested again with the dollar store test and got a slightly darker response – enough to get excited about. I headed to the pharmacy at lunch and bought a First Response test for a more concrete answer. With two sticks to play with, I took one only an hour after my last pee in the middle of the day. Even then, the second line was bright and unmistakable – I was pregnant!

I’m now 6 weeks along. Adam and I went to a midwife information session on January 28 and I have my first appointment with them on February 4. I’m excited to be going a more natural route – the route I wanted to go with Hayden but got talked out of (by a well meaning sister-in-law). I’ll still be delivering in hospital, but I’ll have more support to get me through the rough contractions and maybe even go drug free (a girl can dream!).

I’ve been having a lot of nausea since the middle of last week. It comes and goes and I’ve been dealing naturally with small meals, ginger tea and gingerale. Seems to be working okay so far.

Hayden has been wonderful through my queaziness. He’s been quite gentle and has been coming to me to read more books and have quiet time. He’s also spending more time with Daddy for the rough play. I think it’s good for both of them!

Amazingly, quite a few people know already. I had to show my sister as she was the one who was giving me hope in a month when I had none. For Adam, I made a special invoice, photoshopping one of his work delivery orders to contract the delivery of a baby instead of a machine. It was perfectly done (if I do say so myself) and he was completely confused when he opened it. Once he figured it out, he was almost as flabbergasted as I was. I sent mum an email with a photo of the positive stick just before they left for their vacation in Mexico. A nice little going away gift! She was ecstatic!

We still haven’t told any of Adam’s immediate family. With their history of sharing the good news as soon as they hear it, we want to wait until after we’re out of the danger zone. We’ll probably tell them sometime after 8 weeks has passed. Otherwise this constant “flu” will soon alert them!

And so, here I am: Six weeks pregnant and sort of in disbelief. We haven’t talked to Hayden about it as toddlers are sure to repeat everything you don’t want them to say. I still remember Gage telling all the teachers at school that his mummy had a baby in her tummy when Ang was only six weeks along.

I’m so excited that my sister and I will share some of our mat leave again. And have babies almost the exact same age difference as Hayden and Gage were! Hopefully these next angels will have their same close relationship too.

I have a feeling that this is another little boy. Not sure why, just a gut reaction. Somehow, I think that I’ll have a house full of boys. Though I predict a girl for Ang (did last time too, so we know how accurate my guesses are)!

I’m already wearing maternity pants, though it’s more from the bloat and sensitive stomach than any true belly growth.

I’ll keep you posted as things develop. Sticky, healthy baby vibes!


The W.O.W. factor said...

Ok Word Mama...I love the following of your log! Now you need to put one of those Ticking Calendar widgets on here.
I can stay better tuned in!
I am so excited!
Hey, gut feelings are most accurate, most of the time!
Boys are a lot of fun and actually cheaper!

Anonymous said...

My initial guess is boy...why??? just is and when Gage spilled about me being preggo at daycare I was 11 weeks but still so not ready to share, lol. Can I say told ya so :)