Friday, November 26, 2010

30 things

Inspired by a Facebook post, I decided to chime in on my blog instead. Below are 30 things you probably don't know about me...

  1. I never flush a public toilet using my hands
  2. I am totally dyslexic with numbers
  3. I’m anaphylactic to mango, most nuts, and fresh peaches
  4. I’ve only coloured my hair twice in my life and both times were disastrous
  5. I hate drinking water and would rather go thirsty
  6. When I’m really upset or uncomfortable, I laugh involuntarily
  7. I still get carsick if I’m not in the front seat
  8. I can touch my nose with my tongue
  9. The second and third toes on my left foot are lightly webbed
  10. I can’t drink orange juice with pulp because it feels like bits of skin in my juice
  11. I’m still a little afraid of the dark
  12. I still wear pants that I bought over 12 years ago when I was in college
  13. I’m really worried about my little girl but afraid that saying it out loud too often will only make my worst fears come true
  14. I believe in karma and try to put some good out into the world every day
  15. I use a sharpie marker to touch up my black shoes when they start to wear out
  16. I’m scared of june bugs
  17. I hate the taste of coffee and beer
  18. I make a killer pork chop
  19. 90% of my best friends live more than two hours away from me
  20. When I was a child, I used to practice using my feet for everything as I was convinced I’d one day lose my hands in some freak accident
  21. It really turns me on when my husband picks me up without even straining
  22. I’ve been pregnant 8 times in the past five years, but only have two living children
  23. I’ve breastfed for over three years now
  24. The only music I don’t like listening to is heavy metal
  25. I’ve had the following pets in my lifetime: cats, dogs, gerbils, a hamster, rainbow crab, geckos, tree frogs, fish, an iguana, newts, salamanders, a ball python, ferrets, and a wild mouse
  26. My feet grow half a size (and stay that way) every time I have a baby
  27. Women and teenagers who call their father “daddy” make me cringe
  28. I have to pretend escargot are mushrooms when I eat them or I gag
  29. I only reveal about ¼ of the writing I do – most of it sits filed but never read
  30. I stopped using my WiiFit because every time I stepped on the board it made a surprised “Oh!” noise that sounded critical

1 comment:

Erin Patrick said...

I love random things!
Big hugs to you and Fliss, I have been following your updates on facebook and I hope that you continue to receive good news.