Friday, April 25, 2008

Take me out from the ball game!

So last night Adam had a baseball practice and Hayden and I decided to tag along. I had visions of Hayden cheering his daddy on from the sidelines and playing on swings and slides once the novelty rubbed off.

The daimond was at the university, which strangely doesn't have a play structure anywhere near it. (What do these college kids do for fun? Aren't they about 10 when they graduate high school now?!) So all there was to play with there were bits of garbage and a large, dangerously balanced pile of benches. Not exactly perfect for a toddler. Hayden constantly wanted to run out onto the field to hug his daddy and would scream like a banshee if I held him back. We lasted about an hour before I announced to Adam that practice was over. At that point Hayden was a screaming, thrashing mess in my arms and I was covered with boogers and dirt and water.

Lesson learned: my toddler finds baseball almost as exciting as I do. Next time, we'll just stay home.


Big Sis said...

Hilarious! Love the way you think and sometimes wish I thought more like that, lol....I would have thought, oh Gage won't have the patience for this but by your patience you let him experience it and decide if it :) When are we gonna see you next? BTW, love your writing...fab :)

Anonymous said...

Adam - baseball practice! Has be been cloned! Hayden will love soccer - can run around or pick daisies or swing on the goal post with all the other little squirts.
And regarding teeth, as big sis says, Hayden has his own agenda but at least they are coming - hard though it is on you - and one day, like me, you won't even remember those sleepless nights.
Love Mum