Friday, April 25, 2008

The words of an angel

So Hayden is coming up on his 18 month doctor's visit. At every appointment she asks me how many words Hayden has. And every time I fumble and spit out a random number that probably isn't even close. So I decided I'd be more proactive for this next appointment and write down all of his words. In the last three days, I've come up with over 60 of them! For your entertainment, I thought I'd post my Top 10 favourite Hayden originals, complete with translation!
  1. Peeboo (peekaboo)
  2. Feh fi (French fry) <- Please don't ask why my baby knows what a french fry is!
  3. Coo (cool)
  4. Doo (dude) <- 3 and 4 usually go together!
  5. Ada (all done)
  6. Moe (more) <- This one always makes me think of a particular Simpson's episode
  7. Waygo? (Where’d it go?)
  8. Bebebes (blueberries) <- That's a hard one
  9. HEEPO (hippo) <- This one is always said at full volume with an emphasis on the O!
  10. Cracka (cracker) <- Just like a little white Chris Rock!

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