Monday, June 30, 2008

This and that - Second edition

So far this morning, I've written three blogs that I know I'll never post. I just can't seem to get into my writing groove. I have a dump truck of things I want to talk about but can't get it all out in a sensical way. Maybe a bullety edition is called for:
  • I love the gays. More specifically, I love my boy Phil and I love Pride. As Phil describes it, "Pride is like our Christmas!" and it's so true. The air of anticipation, the playful atmosphere and the prickles of excitement are like what you felt as a child on Christmas morning. Everyone is happy, hugs and given to complete strangers and for one day, there's a little peace on earth. But what really made Pride fun was spending it with Phil. That boy is truly my long-lost brother. I love ya Philly Dilly.
  • Good gravy - those boys put Shakespeare to shame with their dramatics. But, like a good play, it's incredibly entertaining to watch!
  • Leaving my son for 24 hours was harder than I thought. I've left Hayden for a few daytime hours and even overnight. But this was the first time that I was gone for a whole day. Every time I'd see a child around his age at Pride, I'd get a little pang. He really is my heartsong. Seeing his face light up when I pulled in the driveway was priceless.
  • God bless my husband for understanding that I needed a "girl's night out" and taking care of Hayden. Not every husband would be cool with letting his wife hang out with a bunch of lesbians and sleep in another man's bed. But Adam gets it. I love ya baby!
  • I'm really proud to see how Canada as a whole has accepted and embraced the gay culture. The parade had celebrities and politicians marching, the booths along Church were hosted by everyone from the military to the local police forces to Universities and even Crest!
  • I hope that one day being gay holds as little stigma as being a woman. Society has come a long way since the 40's, but we still have a way to go. I can't wait for the day that people stop caring what colour, race, sexuality, gender or ability people encompass. And I really hope that it happens in my lifetime. I'll be teaching Hayden this lesson in the hopes of bringing us one step closer.

So to all of you in the blogosphere - Happy Pride. Spread a little love in celebration!

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Anonymous said...

You're right that Phil does sounds amazing - you need to talk about him more on your blog! HA HA oh wait this is Phil!!

I love reading your blog now!!

PS The Elmo's world thing is a bit creepy - i heard that's playing all through out the Neverland Ranch! EWWW!!

Love ya my crazy "sis"


Oh yeah I'm looking forward to hearing why your son requires stitches (is the trip to Ottawa responsible??)