Thursday, August 14, 2008

The glass is half-full

The best things to happen to me this week:
  1. You guys were right - Hayden simply needs more time to wake up in the mornings. Since I started getting him up earlier and easing him into his day with quiet nursies, he's a new man. No more raging tantrums (although the typical toddler ones are still abundant!). Thank you all for being my experts! Who needs those stupid parenting books - I've got the blogosphere!
  2. Someone found my blog this week by searching for "Pregnancy farts!" Too freaking funny.
  3. My garden has started giving me some delicious cherry tomatoes. Enough to make a good sized salad with. They're my absolute favourite kind of tomato; I just love the burst of summer flavour when you bite into them.
  4. I cut Hayden's hair....and did a terrible job of it! He has gorgeous strawberry blond curls, so I just wanted to trim around his ears and neck, keeping the top natural. Even though daddy did a good job of distracting him with his favourite book, I managed to make some pretty obvious mistakes (though I did manage to cut only hair and not skin)! Luckily, the curls cover up the worst of it and he's too young to care. Maybe by the time he's aware of how he looks, I'll have perfected my scissor skills.
  5. I watched Big Daddy the other day and (unfortunately?) saw a lot of myself in Adam Sandler's character. When he let Julian wear crazy things like a sieve helmet and cape to school, I was totally on board. Letting him choose his own name (Frankenstein) was brilliant. And giving him the "invisible sunglasses" is something I could totally see myself doing. Although in contrast, I won't be teaching Hayden how to suck a loogie or take out rollerbladers with sticks!
  6. I made a berry crisp for my in-laws on Sunday and my mother-in-law told my husband it was the best crisp she's ever had. I consider this a high compliment coming from her as she's an amazing baker and even used to make all the bread for her family of six . Given that until Hayden was born, I never baked (a throw back to my own lovely mum), I figure I must be a fast learner! Who knows, maybe one of these days I'll even be able to make a cake that isn't lopsided!
  7. This weekend I'm heading to Toronto with my beautiful sister to visit one of my very best friends. The combination of the three of us and Phil's wild friend, Mattie, somehow creates this vortex of insanity. Every time we get together the fun never ends and we laugh so hard our faces hurt the next day. I can't wait!

And so to all my loyal blog readers, let's keep this ball of happiness rolling. Tell me the best thing(s) to happen to you this week!


Anonymous said...

Woohoo!! Can't wait to see you Saturday - and now after reading today's blog I'm going to call you big daddy all weekend!! HA HA HA

Can't wait to party party!!


Anonymous said...

The best things that happened to me this week, and most weeks, are waking up each morning! Having energy to play with my grandchildren. Having a roof over my head and food in the house. Having a husband who still loves me after 40 years of marriage. Having a boss who truly appreciates me. Having the most amazing grandchildren, all so very special in their own unique ways. And lastly having the most incredible children who actually enjoy spending time with their parents! And also knowing that you girls will have an amazing time on Saturday, while I will snuggle with my new granddaughter.
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Nick and Ce said...

Best thing this week by far? ...... having three special people say how much they appreciated me or something I'd done for them!

The W.O.W. factor said...

Go have fun Girl! Sounds like you all love having your faces hurt the next day! Laughter is truly the best medicine for ALL things!
The best thing for me this week? Was the bugs that devoured my garden earlier...didn't make it to my beans! I was able to pick a bushel for canning & making pickled beans....

Anonymous said...

I read an article in the local Orillia paper that said the Orillia SPCA ran out of cat food for their cats and kittens... so I drove down to the Barrie Costco, loaded my truck with 90 kg of cat food and donated it feed the hungry.

Remember, have your loved ones spayed and neutered (the furry ones!)