Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Buy your lube and flowbee at Lucy's place!

I've had a request from a company to advertise here on Onomampoeia Life. Setting aside my initial feelings of being flattered and quite chuffed at being approached in my first year of blogging, I turn to you, my dear readers and fellow bloggers for advice.

Have you ever been approached to advertise on your site? Did you accept the ad offer? I have about a dozen questions in mind to ask, but any pointers?

I know nothing of this company, but their product/service is inoffensive (and despite the title is neither a sex toy company nor an As Seen on TV invention). I'm torn between keeping this blog granola and completely mine, and giving in to what is seemingly some effort-free extra cash.

What are your thoughts?


The W.O.W. factor said...

Cool...I think(?)...will you get paid to put their ad here for them? Does it 'relate' to you and your life? I didn't know that thing could be a good thing, or not!

Anonymous said...

A hundred and one questions from this legal mind so I'll chat to you about it. So don't rush into it.
Muma Mugs said...

No one has ever approached me and I would LOVE it. Is it a pay-per-click ad? If so, then you should accept most certainly!


Nick and Ce said...

I can see that you may feel flattered to be approached, and possibly somewhat tempted by easy extra cash. However, I guess I'm thinking, why have they approached you?

I'm sure you have a loyal blog readership, but how many people is that? Is enough for any legimate advertiser to bother with or pay for? Sounds a bit weird to me. Need to know more!

The W.O.W. factor said...

What did you decide? Sounds like most are I have since I read this..

wordmama said...

I'm still undecided. Advertising sort of complicates what is currently a very care-free past time for me! If I do go for it, I'll be incorporating the suggestions from all of you and some other blogging friends. I would lay out the boundaries and rules for what I want. Specifically, I tell them how large their ad can be, where it will go on the main page, how long it will run, cost (apparently $5-20 a month is common for blogs), my veto power if I disagree with content (say if they decide to hawk porn instead), frequency of ad changes (so they don't ask for a new one every day), and terms of payment (due before ad is placed).

All of this to say, you probably won't see an ad up on Onomamapoeia, but you have fair warning in case you do! lol