Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New neighbour - Hooray!

I'm not an overly politically minded person. Most of the time, I feel like I'm voting for the lesser of two evils (though I do vote). I rarely get involved in a political discussion and I find the televised debates more of a contest of "who can bullsh!t who" rather than a platform for discussing ideas and opinions.

With that caveat in place, thank you America. Thank you for making the right choice. After eight years of living beside an aggressive, outspoken, greedy, absent minded neighbour, today I'm proud to share our continent.

I think Obama will lead your country to great places. He is a man with the direction and wisdom to lift America up from where it has fallen, both in the eyes of it's citizens who are struggling to hold on to their homes and in the eyes of the world, who has watched your (and our) soldiers die in the name of revenge and greed.

May this historic day, a day where a proud African American man leads your country just a century and a half after slavery was abolished, be the starting point of great things to come for the United States of America. God bless.


Anonymous said...

Well said. Let's hope they appreciate what they have and lets hope he leads the way to a better and safer place for everyone. At least the Anericans could unite in their decision, unlike the Canadians!
Muma Mugs

Nick and Ce said...

We'll second that! A brilliant victory against the odds, and the long history of prejudice and abuse of minorities over decades. Obama is an inspiration to the US people, and at last to the wider world. This speech was probably the best political speech I've heard in my lifetime, delivered with passion and humility. It brought tears to our eyes as we listened to it first thing this morning. Awesome!

The W.O.W. factor said...

What a wonderful post WM! I couldn't have said this better! Like nickandce said ..."This speech was probably the best political speech I've heard in my lifetime,... "
I wept through the delivery of Obama's speech and watching those prideful eyes of hope, surrounding him. Such a monumental night, makes me proud to be and
I went to sleep with prayers not just for Obama's safety (as I do have fears there) but for the provision to keep up the strength, the determination, the humility he holds...and for the people here to help! Help, not to just walk away & forget now that the election is over...he wants and needs everyone's help! We need to finally come together as a nation!
I'm glad you are proud to share this continent's been a long time coming here...I too am glad to be a part of this continent now!

wordmama said...

I think people are really connecting with this president. He's known hardship, he's know prejudice, he's known a broken family...and yet now he is leading the most powerful nation in the world. I think it gives everyone hope that no matter what life or skin you are born into, you can do anything you set your mind to.