Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Confessions of a pregnant woman

I, Lucy, do solemnly hang my head in shame and confess to the following pregnancy induced 'crimes' and/or morally bereft acts:
  1. Once I'm finally home for the day and put my feet up I'm very reluctant to get off the couch. Hayden has been acting as my fetcher to bring me the phone, my cup, and anything else that's out of reach.
  2. I suck at taking prenatal vitamins. I probably only remember three times a week if I'm lucky.
  3. I only drink about 4 cups of fluid a day. I've always been a camel and find it hard to drink unless I'm actually thirsty.
  4. I have not shaved my legs in over a month.
  5. I fell asleep in the bath tub last week.
  6. I allow myself one nutritionally-void snack every day (usually a chocolate bar or a handful of chips).
  7. I haven't done a lick of exercise in six months.
  8. It's been nearly a month since Adam and I did the deed.

It's so empowering to just write these things out loud. My mortal sins of pregnancy, as they were!

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