Friday, June 19, 2009

Mission compromised!

Apparently Hayden and I are more alike than I ever imagined.

Last night, when Adam left to play his weekly baseball game, Hayden and I got down to the business of crafting his father's day present. We worked in a colourful, sloppy rainbow - both of us partially naked to reduce the amount of laundry - for about an hour and a half. I think we were both pretty happy with the results, both the craft and Hayden's new technicolour torso. (Man, I wished I'd thought to snap some pictures, but I was too busy trying to prevent him from touching the new micro-suede sofa!)

As we put the masterpieces up to dry, I explained to Hayden that these were a big surprise for daddy and we couldn't tell him what we did tonight. It was a secret - shhhh! Hayden nodded sagely. I gave him a bath, washed the remnants from my own hands and arms and then tucked him into bed. Again, I reminded him that he couldn't tell daddy about his pretty gift for three more sleeps, and then we'd surprise him in bed on Sunday. He agreed with a grin and snuggled into bed with his six stuffy friends and one big plastic truck.

Adam arrived home not five minutes after Hayden had gone to bed. As soon as Hayden heard the front door open, he began calling for Adam to come upstairs.

And what did he say to Adam the minute he saw him? "Guess what daddy! Mummy and I made you a special secret present! I painted my hands!"

*sigh* I can't blame him. I've never been able to keep a secret either!

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The W.O.W. factor! said...

WM...I've spent the last 1/2 hr or so...giggling, wondering and in tears! My goodness how I've missed you and your writing! And Fliss is sooo beautiful! Hadyen has grown up so much too! And you? You are still an amazing woman!
(I've still got tears from reading about Salem. We lost two "family members" this past fall...and I still shed tears over them)