Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hairy confession

I have a confession to make. It's one that I've been hiding for the past 18 months or so. Something that my husband finds disgusting and our North American culture frowns upon.

I no longer shave my legs.

There. I said it out loud. I've admitted it to the void that is my blog. I have no idea who is reading or what your hair views are, but I'm envisioning a lot of noses crinkled in disgust.

You see, I was always someone who felt that shaving your legs was just something you had to do. I remember becoming acutely aware of my girlfriend's smooth, shiny legs around the age of 12. I've been a dedicated hairless monkey ever since.

It wasn't until Hayden arrived that my steadfastness started to wane. Suddenly having a hairless body no longer seemed like a priority. In fact, it seemed downright ridiculous to spend a quarter of my two hour alone time every day on something so unnecessary. At first I lapsed into shaving only once a week...then once a month. I can now safely say it has been many months since these legs have seen a razor.

To be honest, in using my uncle-in-law's theory (which was designed to determine if making something from scratch outweighed the store bought version) the expense and effort just don't balance the payoff.

At first I was a little repulsed by the thought and feel of this natural look. But as the hair evened out and grew softer, I came to accept it as just a part of who I am. The other day I took a long walk into the town centre and marvelled at how the wind felt as it caught and moved these tiny blond hairs.

Adam has expressed his disgust with this change in a plethora of ways. He tells me it's dangerous to Hayden ("He could fall and impale himself on them!"), oppressive to our physical interactions ("Our hair could get tangled together and we'd be stuck!") and a threat to my status as a yummy mummy ("You were so much hotter when you weren't hairy.")

And so dear readers, you may feel at this point that I've become too granola for your tastes. Not only do I nurse my 18 month old and sleep in a family bed, but I let my hair grow free. To you I say Chill out dude. So far Hayden remains unscathed, Adam and I are still...interacting and damn it, I'm just as hot as I ever was. Besides, I never was very good at following the rules...

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