Tuesday, January 6, 2009

From McMama to Super mum

I am not one for New Years resolutions. In fact, I think New Years as a whole is overrated and over-hyped. Most years, my January 1st celebrations turned out to be a big let down, despite an excess of planning (and often money too). I find that the resolution part of New Years usually ends in the same disappointment. I gear myself up for a big life change only to throw up my hands a few weeks later. Given the flux of gym memberships between now and March, I know I’m not alone.

This year, for the first time in nearly a decade, I have set a resolution. I resolve to live a healthier lifestyle. I’m going to try to eat better, exercise more, and drink less. It’s not that I’m super unhealthy at present, I just feel that I’ve become lazy. At least once a week, we’ve been getting takeout or eating a meal from a box because I didn’t plan ahead. Plus, I sometimes go a whole weekend without stepping foot outside! And this is from a girl who spent her 19th birthday snowshoeing, dog sledding and sleeping outside in a quinze (like an igloo) in the far north of Tamagame. I’ve somehow lost the adventurous side of myself and I want it back!

I know that with Hayden being young, our lifestyle is his lifestyle. If we eat crap, so does he. If we hunker down and watch movies all day, he’s stuck indoors too. It’s this realization that really pushes me and leads me to believe that I’ll actually be successful in my 2009 resolution.

Now is the perfect time to instil a love of adventure in him. I remember from a very young age, my parents would pack us all in the car with the dog and we’d hike the Bruce Trail every Sunday. I think it was these excursions that sparked my love of nature and continued my hiking development well into my 20s. I want Hayden to have this experience too.

And so, by blogging this I’ve made a public declaration. I’ve committed myself to following through. If I fail, I urge you all to boo and hiss at me!

Here’s to 2009 being the healthiest year in over a decade!


Anonymous said...

I think you have to convince Adam that outdoor activities are as much fun as indoor! Well maybe at the moment indoor activities are a lot more fun!
Muma Mugs

wordmama said...

lol mum! Touche!

Nick and Ce said...

Yeah, I'll go with that resolution. Think I have to loose at least 8 pounds weight by the summer. We already swim 2 - 3 early mornings per week (24 lengths each), and do country walks when weather permits. On the downside we also love food and have a lovely full wine rack of great wines!!
Do make sure that " ...perfect time to instil a love of adventure in him".... does not include a WoW sign-on for Hayden!

The W.O.W. factor said...

I think you are on to something! Why not build an igloo now in winter...get Hayden started early LOL! I think it's important to begin instilling in his memory, his lifestyle...what you'd like him to carry with him through life. This is a great resolution and I wish you all the luck, but somehome WM...I doubt you will need luck, just the opportunites to be presented and created.
You are a wonderful Mom!

(ps...I haven't noticed any barfing posts...so that means no PG yet, eh?)