Monday, April 6, 2009

Now I lay me down to sleep...

For the past two weeks, my life has revolved around beds.

On the happy note, we finally moved Hayden from his crib into a big boy bed. Despite my trepidation about having my kamakaze kid free to roam the hall upstairs, the transition has been absolutely painless (knock on wood). I now lay him down and kiss him goodnight and he stays in his bed until I come to get him (even for naps). I would never have even wished for this kind of flawless change, thinking it too beyond our abilities as parent and child. Hayden continues to surprise me this way and makes me realize that I underestimate him sometimes.

The other half of my recent bed-based life is a much more heart breaking one. Two weeks ago, Adam's paternal grandfather was diagnosed with terminal cancer. We spent an afternoon beside his hospital bed as we awaited the diagnosis, making jokes about his airy wardrobe and about how we were competing for the largest stomach. He was in amazing spirits, and seemed set on making the rest of us feel comfortable with his condition.

A week later, grampa opted to go home for his final days. It was a decision that I hope everyone has a chance to make some day. Moving back to his home put him in a place that he was comfortable with. A place that Gramma didn't have to ferry back and forth to. Somewhere that family could be with him day and night. Family rallied around him to ensure that someone always stayed the night with he and Gramma should anything happen.

When we went to see him on the last weekend of March, we joked about him stealing so much hospital equipment and how he was planning to pack light for his big journey home to heaven. That weekend the entire family came to see him and say their goodbyes, to gather around him and offer each other support. Adam and I took pictuers of each member of the family sitting and laughing with Grampa. We also took video to capture his boisterous spirit and the love that poured out for him.

This Thursday we got the call that Grampa had taken a turn for the worse. Adam and I both took Friday off to spend the day with him. In the six hours we spent at his bedside, grampa was lucid for maybe five minutes. The rest of the time, he was in a deep sleep, not responding to words, but giggling and groaning happily when we massaged his feet or back.

Saturday afternoon we returned to find the family gathered together at Gramma and Grampa's house once again. Grampa had drifted into a state of unconsciousness, though seemed aware when loved ones were near. He passed that afternoon, after waiting until his youngest daughter sat by his bedside and told him she was there. He held on until he had his whole family around him before departing on his journey back to God.

We are all going to miss Grampa tremendously. He was one heck of a grandfather, father, and husband. His influence and the love he shared was truly evident in the faces and hearts of those around him as he departed.

God bless you Grampa, may you rest in peace with your saviour.


Anonymous said...

Beautifully said my little one. And reading those words you realize he was ready to move on and I am sure wants everyone to remember him with laughter and love and to replace those tears with smiles.
Muma Mugs

The W.O.W. factor! said...

Oh Word Mama....I am so sorry! And so sorry it has taken me so long to get over here to give you {{{HUGS}}}!
My FIL passed in much the same way. He too, "waited" until we were all there to lift him into the world that awaited him.
Memories are priceless and thankfully, you have very warm and precious ones to help in keeping Grampa alive within your hearts.
Know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and Adam...

wordmama said...

Thank you both for your wonderful words.