Monday, April 27, 2009

Out of the mouths...

Last night, as I was giving Hayden a bath, my shirt inched up over my growing belly.

"Mummy, you have a big belly!" Hayden exclaimed wide-eyed.

"Do you know why Mummy's belly is big? What's in there?" I asked him

"A baby!!!" He squealed.

Then he looked at my belly pensively for a moment.

"A dead baby." He added quietly.

Now, I don't know where that came from or why he said it, but it COMPLETELY threw me for a loop. Especially because this little active bean has been quite quiet in the last week. I'm a firm believer that children are much more acutely tapped into their sixth sense than adults. So when Hayden says something like this, I have trouble just dismissing it.

He had the same quiet tone at Grampa's funeral earlier this month. When we went to look at Grampa in the coffin, I whispered to Hayden that it looked like Grampa was sleeping.

"He's not seeping mummy. Gampa's dead," he returned completely matter-of-a-factly. It just took my breath away as no one had explained life and death to him yet. No one had actually said that Grampa had passed in such blatent terms around him.

Let's just say that I'm paying special attention to the flutters and kicks today. And I'm really looking forward to my ultrasound tomorrow to get some peace of mind.

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kate said...

Kids hear and understand a lot more than we think they do of our conversations. He's probably just adding things together that he's heard (especially with Grampa passing so recently). But that's creepy. I'm glad you've got your ultrasound so soon!