Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Whoa old Nelly!

Last Saturday, the first really warm day this year, Adam and I decided to tackle the back yard. We're completely landscaping the yard and the first step was to rescue all of our bulbs and plants before tilling the land.

There I was in 20 degree weather, digging out bulbs, replanting them in pots, mixing in mulch and building up a sweat. When I stopped to catch my breath, I realized that not only was my stomach tightening on a pretty regular basis, but I was also cramping along with the contractions. Dang nab it!

I came inside and sat down for a while, drinking some water (the first thing doctors usually tell you to do). Eventually, the pain subsided and the tightening lessened. I figured all was fine and went about the rest of my day, taking breaks as needed when the pain returned.

On Sunday I kept having the same cramping any time I did anything moderately strenuous (chasing Hayden, carrying laundry up the stairs, grocery shopping). So I decided I'd call my midwife on Monday to let her know (heaven forbid I call the emergency pager and interrupt somebody's weekend).

Well didn't I get an earful for not calling the pager when I was having the contractions. She said I definitely should have contacted the practice and probably should have gone to the hospital. She explained that it very well could have been symptoms of pre-term labour and my cervix could be shortening or dilating. This early activity could make it difficult for my body to carry the baby to term. Uh oh.

So now I'm on pelvic rest with strict instructions not to lift anything more than 15 pounds, not to exert myself, and no nookie. I had my ultrasound appointment bumped up too so they could look at my cervix length. The midwife asked if I wanted an emergency scan this week, but since I have the full anatomy scan next week anyways, we compromised and moved my ultrasound up to Tuesday of next week.

I have to admit that hearing how serious it could be really freaked me out. I guess I have to take these physical warning signs more seriously...I'm not the young filly I was!