Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Twins? Super Baby? The ultrasound revealed all!

So yesterday I had my ultrasound. It was pushed up because of my contractions a week ago and was already earlier than most anatomy scans to see if there was any reason for my early movement, slightly large fundal height (belly measurements) and puketastic morning sickness. The word twins was thrown around cautiously and got me super excited.
So at the scan, all was revealed.....
Amazingly - only one baby in there. One big giant constantly-moving baby! I was seriously surprised when I asked how many there were in there and she said one. I just had this strong gut feeling that there were twins...wishful thinking perhaps?!

The tech got all her measurements in record time. She then let Adam, my mum and I stare at our little bean dancing away in there for a good ten minutes. Now the first place she went was right between the legs, just as I blurted out - "we don't want to know the sex!" But it may have been too late. I think my instinct was right and this little one is a boy. A brother for Hayden! Time will tell! Only 21 weeks till we know for sure! (Pictures will be uploaded as soon as I can scan them!)

I should find out today at my midwife appointment if I can go off pelvic rest (cross your fingers)!

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