Thursday, July 24, 2008

Another kitty bites the dust

Yup, that's right, curiosity has killed this cat. When I first started blogging, a co-worker and fellow blogger told me how to keep track of how many people were viewing my words. At the time, I boastfully proclaimed that I didn't care who read my blog, I was writing it for myself and my heartsong as a living history. She smirked and told me wait and see.

I'm here to sheepishly admit that, a mere four months after my blogging debut, I've subscribed to a counter. Curiosity certainly did get the better of me. While yes, I am still writing for the same reasons, I recognize that others can and do read this blog. Keeping an eye on traffic seems like the prudent thing to do. I like to think it's akin to the friendly dingle of a bell when you open the door of your your local mom and pop corner store.

And so, in the infamous words of Apu, "Thank you. Come again!"


Beck said...

A friend of mine who blogs was being... less than discrete about certain things, and I suggested that she might want to be WAY more careful.
"Why?" she asked. "I only have six readers a day." (she gets about six comments a day, you see.)
She installed the little blog counter thingy and was SHOCKED to see that she gets DOZENS more readers a day - so now she is more careful.
(I never check mine. It freaks me out.)

Ali said...

i'm slightly addicted to my statcounter. mostly for the google searches though. they are hilarious!