Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Occupation: preoccupation

I’m having trouble coming up with blog content lately. My mind is preoccupied with my heartsong. I find it hard to write about anything else with his bandaged hand acting as a constant reminder of his injury. We’re STILL waiting to see the plastic surgeon. Until we see the surgeon, we don't know if Hayden's hand will be permanently disfigured. The not knowing kills me. I just want to know if we're in for more surgery or just the slow healing process. I want my little man to be all better and for this to just be a story to tell his kids one day.

The good news is that he’s become completely ambidextrous and uses his left hand for everything now. Kids are amazing like that. So resilient and adaptable. I admit that I’d be totally lost without my right hand for weeks at a time.

We’re still going to the hospital every night for dressing changes so they can keep an eye out for any sign of infection. The nurses at the hospital are totally in love with him. I think they ask us to bring him in just so he can flirt with them. He's so polite that he says "Daku" (thank you) every time they finish bandaging his hand. Hayden is convinced that he goes to the hospital every night just to show the nurses how to blow bubbles.

And so that’s it. I still live with the guilt, I still don’t know what long-term affect this will have on Hayden and I still worry. If my blogs are sporadic, this is why. Between work and daily trips to the hospital, it doesn’t leave much time for creative thinking.

To all of you who have sent me such wonderfully supportive message (both here and on my personal email): THANK YOU! I’m really not sure how I would have got through this past week without your love and understanding. You guys are the best!

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The W.O.W. factor said...

Hi! Ambidextrous is a good thing! I ought to know! :)