Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Warm and gooey about my girls

You know, in all the hullaballoo of the heartsong hand incident, I never did blog about why we went to Ottawa in the first place.

Adam and I lived in Ottawa for about eight years. It was in this beautiful capital city that I met my very best friends. These were the friends I had longed for all my life. The kind of friends I could count on through thick and thin and back again. They never judged me, never made me feel insecure and always made me feel loved and supported. These women helped me to grow and stretch my wings in a strange city. They were there for me through a break-up, my marriage, my pregnancy and the birth of my heartsong.

It was visiting these wonderful friends that drew us to Ottawa last weekend. And on the Friday we arrived, I was enveloped in the delicious giddiness this circle of friends always brings me. We had a girly night with strawberry daiquiris, gales of laughter and lots of love.

It made me long for the closeness I had with these friends. As much as I love them all, 500kms makes it hard to keep in close contact. I'm often torn between the desire to live close to these girls in an absolutely beautiful city and living in Southern Ontario where I'm close to my entire family. I wish I could just pick up my family and move them to Ottawa - that would be ideal. But we'd have to win a big lottery to make that happen. (Remind me to buy a ticket.)

And so despite the fact that our weekend ended in disaster, it did begin exactly as I had dreamed. And I do have those warm, gooey memories to carry me through these tough times.

To my favourite girls - Dana, Josie, and Krista, thank you for being such wonderful friends. You are always quick with a smile and a hug and being with you just makes me feel a special kind of love. I think that friendship love is unique because it's a chosen love. At any time, you could check out of the relationship, but you chose to stay. And that just makes me feel priviledged that you chose me. I love you girls!

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