Thursday, July 17, 2008

Heartsong Update

To watch him, you'd never know that he'd had such a traumatic weekend. It's like my mother said, kids just don't know that they're supposed to mope and groan about their injuries. His bandaged hand hasn't slowed him down one bit. And given it's his right hand that's injured, he's getting quite good at eating and playing with his left.

I still relive the day every time I lay down to sleep. And living those moments over and over, I began to share my anger. I am still angry at myself, but now I'm also furious at the doctor who treated my little heartsong. When we went to the hospital, we chose the specialized children's hospital as they're used to dealing with the special fears and needs of kids. But the doctor who performed Hayden's surgery was awful. I won't go into too many details, but she tried to perform the operation with him consciously sedated but without pain killers and didn't bother to don sterile gloves. A rather stern letter was written to the Patient Care Representative and I'm happy to report that they've already written back. They're going to investigate the matter, interview the doctors involved and contact me for further information. I was quite plesed to see that they took the situation as seriously as I did.

As far as Hayden's hand, it's now being observed every day by our local hospital (and they've been amazing). They change his bandages and make sure no infection has a chance to take hold. The black cut has returned to it's pink colour. My paediatrician was trying to get us in with a local plastic surgeon who specializes in hands, but he's on vacation all week. Instead, she's trying to get us in with a paediatric plastic surgeon. They just want someone who specializes in the field to look at the stitch job and determine if it will heal properly. Hopefully I'll hear about the appointment today.

So keep those prayers and healing thoughts coming. They're starting to work!

And if you want to see what that little hand looked like on Monday night after his bath, scroll down. Just be warned that it's pretty graphic and pretty yucky. You can't really get an idea of how deep the cut is, but you can imagine how painful it must be.


Anonymous said...

Looks like an iron grip on his wrist! Aren't children amazing how they adapt. Its a magical time when they just go with the flow and haven't learnt yet what everyone else expects of them. Our little Hayden is one in a million and will continue to amaze us all.
Muma Mugs

cinnamon gurl said...

Poor kid! I'm glad it's not distressing him though... that would be much worse!

The W.O.W. factor said...

Kids are tough for sure! Tougher than their parents sometimes too, eh?
Nasty looking! Hope the Dr checking it thinks the stitching was good for it to heal, sure hate to see them have to do another "surgery!"
Sit back, put your feet've got numerous years ahead of you!! :)