Friday, December 5, 2008

Brothers by love

Last night my nephew, Gage, melted my heart. He and Hayden have been best buddies since we moved to the area last spring. They act more like brothers than cousins.

They've been together in daycare since they were a year old. Recently, Gage was moved up to the preschool room while Hayden stayed behind in the toddler class. It didn't seem to affect either of them too much. Or so I thought until they saw each other in the hall last night....

Hayden: Gaje! Hi Gaje! How you doin?

Big, long hugs ensue and Hayden puts his arm around Gage as they walk to his cubby.

Gage: Hi Haynen. *pause* Haynen, I weally miss you. No one hugs me any more.



Anonymous said...

Well you know it had the same effect on me and in my emotional state yesterday sent me into happy heart warming tears...and frig did the same thing reading about it again today!! Thie relationship is precious.
Gage's Mum :)

Anonymous said...

Did the same for me. What a wonderful friendship.
Muma Mugs

The W.O.W. factor said...

How sweet!!! I can picture the two of them! It is wonderful they have each other in their lives!