Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Santa arrives early

I got my Christmas present early this year. I had just walked in the door with an armload of groceries when Adam thrust a gift bag at me.

“It’s your Christmas present. You HAVE to open it today.”

Now I don’t like opening presents early and when Adam told me it was my main Christmas present, I refused even more veheminently. Adam is not someone who can wait when he has a surprise – I’m pretty sure that every one of my girlfriends saw my engagement ring before he presented it to me (it was the only way he wouldn’t blow his proposal plan early). I've now learned to overlook my love of delayed gratification for his love of sharing instant happiness .

Eventually, he managed to convince me. When I peeled back the tissue, I think I may have actually squealed. Adam chipped in with my parents and his parents to buy me a Digital SLR Rebel camera – the camera I’ve been coveting for over a year! It had just been shipped that day and Adam simply couldn’t wait another six days till Christmas! lol

We’ve both spent the last week shooting anything and everything to test out the features and settings. And I have to say, I am totally in love with it. Already, we’ve captured some tender moments (like that photo of Hayden with his grandpa) and some gorgeous portrait shots.I know it’s going to be a gift that keeps giving and that it’ll be used extensively over Christmas! Thank you Adam, mum, dad, Art, and Dawn! I just love it!

To all of you, my very dear readers (yes, all five of you), I wish you a very merry Christmas. (I'd wish you happy hanukah, a joyous kwanza and a super solstace, but I know none of you celebrate these other festivities.) I hope that your holiday is filled with the love of family and friends, and that you remember to slow down and enjoy the togetherness this time of year brings.

Whatever Santa has under the tree for you, I hope that it's complimented by peace and joy, laughter and magic. Much love!


The W.O.W. factor said...

Oh Wordmama...I'm so jealous!!! I lost my ol cheapie on a stack of hay somewhere, and I'd love to have a GOOD camera! (course I know nothing about them to know what I'd want!)
I love the pix of Hayden!!!! He is so very cute!!!! More to come, right???
Me? I love surprises...yet, I'm horrible at waiting! Truthfully, this is the first year having presents under the tree (of course they were all for the grandkids) that I didn't peak...and even unwrap & rewrap! I used to do that even when the kids were at home...to see what their grandparents had sent!
I know, "shame on me"! But that was actually some of the 'fun' of Christmas! My Mom got so she numbered ours as we grew older, because of me! Then, I got smarter and figured out which # was mine by opening (sneaking) some of each #...when I'd come to some horse thing...I'd know my number!!!
Double shame on me????

wordmama said...

Adam got a phenominal deal off of kijiji.com You should check it out and replace your haystack claimed cheapie!

I can't believe you used to unwrap all the presents! You sneaker you!