Monday, December 1, 2008

Vomit comets and wishing stars

Why do sickness and Christmas preparations seem to go hand in hand? It seems that whenever I'm ready to inject a little holiday cheer into our family, someone gets sick.

This time it's my heartsong. He emptied the contents of his stomach twice this weekend. As we strung Christmas lights and picked our beautiful fir tree from the local tree farm, poor Hayden was fighting a stomach bug. We didn't get to decorate the tree, finish the cards or do any baking as priority turned to cuddling on the couch. At least we managed to achieve a twinkling porch and get the gorgeous scent of pine permeating the house before the vomit comet arrived.

I completely fail the mother test when it comes to kids throwing up. I was fine when Hayden was an infant and only had milk to regurgitate. But now that there are solids present, I fall apart. I can deal with any bodily fluid except vomit. When I'm faced with that mess, it takes everything in me not to add to the pile. Yesterday was one of those days. Thankfully Adam was here to take care of the floors while I stripped down the sickie.

Today he seemed in fine spirits and with no fever, so I dropped him off at school, hoping the worst was behind us. I'd been at work for maybe half an hour when I got the call from my husband. Daycare had called him (I guess they tried me while I was in the underground parking lot). Hayden had exploded from the other end. Could I please come and get him?

In true toddler style, I showed up and my little man was dancing around the classroom, oblivious to the fact that he was supposed to be sick. I'm home with him now, trying to balance work, play, fluids and chores. Being at home during the week always makes me long to be a stay-at-home mum. Monday is definitely more fun with Hayden around. Even if there is a vomit threat. Wish us luck.


The W.O.W. factor said...

LOL! and I just commented about you being an amazing Mom! LOL!!
My hubby has the weakest stomach of anyone I know! Can help birthing & doctor calves, horses etc, clean up after them, not wash his hands before grabbing a sandwich...but add vomit to any scenario? He's like you! Out of there before the pile gets bigger!! are still an amazing Mom!

wordmama said...

Aw W.O.W. I sure am grateful that you stumbled on my blog! I love how your comments can make me smile every time!

The W.O.W. factor said...

WordMama...Thank you! For allowing me to share in your life!! I Get a lot of smiles while I'm here, and I am so proud of you!!! Not just as a mother to Hayden or as a wife, but as a human being & as a young woman!! You are one in a million!
(but can you tell me something??...
Only if you want, you can email me..What is Onomamapoeia? Do you know how many times I've tried to figure it out? I've webster'd it, Thesaursed it,split it up int abbrevs., you name it....)